Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co provides the sales and supply of a wide range of used branded scooters, motorcycles and scrambles. All used motorcycles also come under a GHC limited millage warranty to give our customers a strong injection of confidence and reliance upon purchasing used bikes from our showroom.

We offer better price when you are trading in for your existing motorcycle. Providing you with easy hire purchasing and financing plans. Simply bring in your motorcycle and we will provide you with a free evaluation on the spot. Do feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries. Please do not hesitate to call us @ 62923737 or visit our Showroom for more info.


Wave125CBF150 CB400

Phantom200 Spark135 Nouvo135


Buy your new bike from us and enjoy the following benefits
  • 20% discount on GHC VIP membership fee
  • 20% discount for any purchase of rear luggage boxes, wind shield, helmet or raincoat
  • Free Installation of Rear Luggage Box
  • All motorcycles come with agent or GHC warranty