Breakdown Services Hotline : Mr Guan 90224811

Third Party Advice Assistance: Ricky Cheong 62923739


At Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co, We provide top class service with regards to Third Party Claims.

The following services are available:

1) Arranging a tow vehicle to handle your damaged vehicle and send it to IDAC/Our Workshop

2) Pre-Inspection Services with Insurers

3) Private Surveryor Services to give an independent estimate of the repairs before we begin the repairs

4) Professional Lawyer Services & Advice to give you a clear overview on how to settle the third party claim


5 Steps When You are Involved in a Traffic Accident to better safeguard your interest

  1. Exchange Particulars of all parties – Name, NRIC, contact number, Address, Insurer
  2. Take down Of Car Plate Number/ Model/ Colour
  3. If there is any witness take down their particulars – Name, NRIC, contact number
  4. Take pictures of: A) Accident Scene. B)Own Vehicle C)Other Damaged Vehicle
  5. Report the Accident within 24 hours

There are the examples of various general vehicle insurance companies available in Singapore.