Other Services

GHC VIP Membership

Be a part of this special Membership program that Guan Hoe Cheong is offering and you will be entitled to these benefits.

  • Free Towing Services for the first 10 weeks of your membership
  • 30% Discount for towing after the 10th week free period
  • Free vehicle inspection service
  • 20% Discount for normal rental of motor bikes
  • 50% Bike Rental Discount during vehicle inspection or under repair
  • $100 Extra to be given to the value of your bike when you trade in at GHC
  • $100 Discount if you purchase a new bike from us

GHC高级会员证 (特惠优待多! 福利好!)

  • 免费拖车服务(10个星期内)
  • 30% 折扣拖车服务 (10个星期后)
  • 免费VICOMSTA验车服务!
  • 50%折扣租车服务! (当车进行修理或验车时)
  • 20%折扣于租车服务!
  • $100现金折扣(当新旧对换交易时)
  • $100现金折扣(当购买一辆新的电单车时)
  • 更多更多的优待将。。。。。。

Export of Motorcyles

We also provide the service of exporting motorcycles. Export of motorcycles start from $80 of each.